Making Recycling Public

Yes, we all know we should recycle, and we all know why, but we don’t always make it very easy on ourselves.

One of the keys in encouraging recycling is to make it as easy, if not more so, than binning everything together. Whereas in our offices we have a mix of large recycling bins and small general waste bins, we’ve not been so successful in our public spaces at making it easy for visitors to BAC.

That’s all set to change as we have bought a new collection of recycling bins and we’re testing the best places to stand them. Of course, nothing is ever that simple here, and we have to show a bit of creativity. Whereas the bins are bright white, we have decided to decorate them with images from around the building, so you’ll find them clad in pictures of mosaics, brick, windows, curtains, and old marketing posters from our past.

Jpeg    Jpeg

We have a zero-to-landfill policy (you can read more about this in our Environmental Policy, and on our Sustainability page) so all of our recyclable waste is seperated by our waste provider, and anything left over is used to create energy at their plant. Outside of general day-to-day waste, we use a skip hire company with the same policy, appropriate recycling companies, or arrange to re-purpose or re-use anything we no longer need.

This is not the permanent solution, and once we’ve figured out the right positions to maximise rubbish reaching the right bin, we’ll invest in permanent bins.

If you have ideas that can help us in our aims, comment on our blog, or join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtags #greenarts and #LTCgreen.

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