The Theatre Jukebox at Battersea Arts Centre

The Theatre Jukebox is a platform for telling stories.

It particularly challenges the way we interact with archives and is a new way to attach digital stories and a more intimate value to the physical collections from our archive.

It is installed in the Waiting Room, the permanent space that houses temporary exhibitions curated from our archive collections, providing an intimate experience through the artistic concept of linking the stories of the old Battersea Town Hall and Battersea Arts Centre together.


You are invited to choose from a selection of 6 cards. Each one plays a short, self-contained snapshot from our rich history, but if you continue, connections between the cards build a bigger picture.


The audio stories are brought to life through projections mapped to the images. The resulting experience is fragmented, non-linear and pieced together by you. It is like snippets of memory or flicking through a photo album, each picture sparking images, associations, snatches of conversations and ideas.


The Theatre Jukebox has been created by Stand + Stare Collective, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, Wandsworth Borough Council, and the Arts Council England, in partnership with Wandsworth Heritage Service.

– Foteini Aravani, Digital Collections Manager

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