At the Closing of the Year…

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s pretty much mandatory to reflect on the accomplishments of the Building Project. However, in the absence of such traditional luminaries in this role as Clive James or Charlie Brooker, I’ll do my best to fill the available thermal shoes.

Although the current project started back in 2007 with the building-wide Masque of the Red Death production, which first encouraged us to play across the dramatic landscape of this historic building, it is easily summarised in phases:

  • Opening up and restoring unused spaces for performance and wider enjoyment
  • Restoration of the Grand Hall
  • Improvements to the technical infrastructure and public spaces across the front of the building
  • …and currently, transforming the Lower Hall into a flexible space for our University of Creativity

It should be impossible for any visitors who have known the building prior to 2007 to miss these changes, and very many of you have added your support both vocally and financially, for which we are so grateful.

But we all know that what speaks louder than words is some views from the site today, so here are a few current shots:

– Lower Hall Offices. Two old kitchens become one larger office space.

2014-12 Lower Hall works - Scott MacColl (8)_Fotor

– Lower Hall Entrance Foyer. A small, cramped corridor becomes more open, including restoring mosaics and a lift shaft to the Grand Hall floor.

2014-12 Lower Hall works - Scott MacColl (2)_Fotor2014-12 Lower Hall works - Scott MacColl (5)_Fotor2014-12 Lower Hall works - Scott MacColl (10)– And the toilets are starting to get plumbed in.

2014-12 Lower Hall works - Scott MacColl (11)_FotorWhen work starts again in the new year, it’s only a few weeks until this phase finishes and all the staff move down to the Lower Hall to clear the way for the major last phase around the Courtyard.

Have a brilliant New Year!

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