The Agency: We’re Back!

Day 1 stimulus 2. Providence House. And as the kettle boiled, peeling back time, Christian arrived in his 2-piece matching tracksuit to join Deanna, Roisin, Flora (our 3rd producer, whoop!) and myself. Shortly after we were joined by Mohammed, who had acquired a backwards cap and some sovereign rings, Arnold as cheeky as ever and Sydney and Stevanie.

Tea was drunk. Then ensued one of the most competitive and fast pace games of Zip-Zap Deflector Ray you’ll ever experience, which I think it’s fair to say Deanna won.

After this we migrated to the computer room where Roisin filled us in with the lowdown, the aims of this cycle, or more accurately the next 4 sessions before the Internal Panel, when the funded projects will either get their money or a wooden spoon. If they get a wooden spoon they then have to use their wooden spoon to hit their producer until the plans get the seal of approval. There are 4 documents that we are all working on (we being teams of Agents/Producers).

These are the:

1. Project Initiation Document (PID)

2. Budget

3. Calendar (dates and schedule of Activities, Actions and all things Necessary)

4. The Visual Presentation (to present their ideas to prospective partners and interested parties)

After everyone had fully memorised everything Roisin said and asked pertinent and relevant questions we went back into the main space to look at Brands and slogans. Me and D each ran an exercise, firstly looking at relative success, and catchiness of major brands and the different type of language they used (addressing the consumer, commands, identity politics, describing the product, rhyme etc..) and then using select words they appropriated to design new slogans for their ideas which are currently called – Sydney’s Naturals, Get Fit Fast & Talent Sea. (More information on these in the previous post).

After this we split into our Agent/Producer teams: Me and Christian; Sydney, Stevanie and Flora; Arnold, Mohammed and Deanna. We then made super incredible mind maps of our projects so far corresponding in part to things we need to put on the PID document, our networks, personnel etc. In the process Christian and I defined his role and realised we needed to get some of his mates involved who had secretly been helping him since the offset. The main people he needed to bring in were Marc D and Jemal. Marc D came down and helped us brain-blast potential new names and is gonna be dropping in when he can (but he works on Sats selling shoes) and Jemal is gonna be joining the Agency to help out Christian and absorb and disseminate the wonderful work of the Agency. He is a computer science operative and part of the Talentsea envisioning team (by virtue of being Christian’s old-school we-could-run-this-town-dream partner).

Then we had jacket potatoes.

We then carried on working in our groups. That looked like this:

2015-01-10 16.28.18 2015-01-10 16.29.20 2015-01-10 16.31.07

We then joined together again for the new super 5 cards. Nice one Chrissie! And that was that. Peace and cupcakes.

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