The Agency: Agenda Forcebeam

The Agenda for today? Agenda. Agenda for all Agents. All Agents assigning tasks, deadlines, actions, knowns, potentials and post-it notes to days, weeks and months on a big calendar, on a big flip chart.

There are certain knowns: The internal panel (18th Feb), The Hourglass Festival at BAC running 23-29th March and being curated and produced by BAC’s Young Producer team (whoop whoop!) that represents and exciting potential milestone for the Agents to launch their project. We’re gonna be meeting with some of the Young Producers later today actually to try and woo them with our awesomeness. The combined awesomeness of the Agency projects is pretty of the chart-board so we’re feeling optimistic. But you never know. After that there’s a couple other potench exciting dates, which we won’t say too much about right now because…a hunter must not name his prey lest the totemic gods hear him and prevent his catch. In other words, there’s no point mentioning them til we’re sure they’re gonna happen.

Having placed these dates on our calendar we worked backwards from then delegating roles to members of our teams for optimum efficiency moving forward. All I know is I need to get in touch with a coding genius so we can start communicating Christian’s vision to someone with the technological capabilities to bring it to life.

Sydney’s Naturals are working hard to get a licence so Sydney can sell her amazing products, while also starting to schedule in a focus group to get valuable feedback on her products and product design ahead of the internal panel.

Meanwhile…Deanna and Mohammed are on the whole mainly racing back and forth between Providence House and Caius House to try and Get Fit Fast before the GFF team run their first set of activity’s at Carney’s community on the 14th February. V-day special. Gonna be lovely.

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