The Agency: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was a day of intimate multi-site scratching…wait! not like that…more like our 3 funded projects were workshopping a particular aspect of their idea in different places. Mohammed & Arnold & their life coach Deanna were doing a Get Fit Fast workshop at Carney’s Community for 7-11 year olds. Here’s a little shot of Deanna and Mohammed working really hard to prepare: 2015-02-14 13.03.27

Meanwhile upstairs at Supreme Sound Studios with the help of the incredible Sunnie who runs the show Christian was recording Ace, one of the MCs from Winstanley he’s working with. It was a great opportunity for Talent Scene to plug into the local studio resources and try out some new hardware (a mind-blowing pre-amp) and some new sound engineering techniques.

2015-02-14 13.25.48

Later on we had a meeting with Miranda Marcus who is overseeing a number of app development projects who gave the Talent Scene team invaluable advice on how to use metrics and google analytics, market research and ways to move forward with the project. She was pretty awesome.

All the while at BAC Sydney’s Naturals were having a focus group in the meeting room at BAC where a dedicated group of devotees and potential customers had gathered to try her products and give their feedback on the range and also a variety of designs Zack had whipped up over the last few weeks. People were walking out radiant. Definitely something to do with the scrubs and hand creams! All in all an incredible and important day in preparation for the Internal Panel….Today!

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