The Agency: Sydney’s Naturals by Stevanie


Sydney’s Naturals is an all natural and organic cosmetic range that has been developed from an aspirational young female that made a vision into a reality. Our aim is to raise awareness amongst the local community about the benefits of how using all natural ingredients within your regular cosmetic range and how it’s so much healthier for your body but also for the world by creating a healthier conscious amongst our community. This will enable people to consider using an all natural cosmetic line that acts as an alternative to mainstream chemically loaded products.

Our product range started at home with Sydney exploring the use of how using chemical free ingredients can be a substitute for chemical based ingredients but yet still gain the same replenishment from the product without the chemicals. Through the knowledge Sydney gained within the natural cosmetic field she was able to develop and strengthen her skills within making her own products to then being able to discuss and educate others on the products she made or the overall understanding on how beneficial it is to use all natural cosmetics.

Through joining the agency Sydney was able to put her idea of creating an all natural and chemical free cosmetic line into action. Sydneys naturals is currently in a working progress on trying to make this imaginative idea into an fully successful cosmetic line that can sell varies of Sydney’s products globally. Leading up to that long term goal we have a variety of short term goals that we aim to reach in order to securely fulfil our long term goal.

As being the manager of the marketing team my Job is to make sure that sydneys naturals is well advertised, well prepared for upcoming or arising events.By the end of the 12 week agency Course Sydney naturals will have delivered several focus groups/ workshops and Two pop up stalls where we will be selling fully developed products from the Sydney’s naturals range. Moreover Sydney’s naturals is seeking to reach members of the sw11 area to encourage them to use natural products they may find in their home Or they not ordinarily use on a regular bases.The ingredients are cooked up in the kitchen from ethically sourced products that then make this ‘homemade goodness For your skin’ made from the heart with love and delicacy.

In order to strengthen The knowledge and accuracy on the product range we thought it would be good to hold A focus group that would help us decide on the refinement on the recipes for the products and also To get feedback on the products and the benefits and disadvantages of the range given and how We would improve on the products of enhance the things people like. The whole experience for me Has being truly mesmerising. I have developed life skills that I know I can use again in the future and a bunch of friends that ill have for a life time. Untill you explore creating your own business, you will never truly experience how hard but yet rewarding it is to run and develop an orginiation made and created by you.

Every wed/Saturday the sydneys naturals team work co in co together with our producer flora and We developed and structure the sydneys naturals profile and help inorder that evry event we do or focus group we facilitate is fully equipment and prepared for.ive realised through experience how much hard word and commitment it takes and how you have to explore all angles of running a business e.g from getting a Licence to getting networks to even having focus groups like what we have inorder to improve and develop the products and overall presentation further.

On February the 14th sydneys naturals held a focus/pre launch in which we invited a selected range of people aged 17 + to try out and evaluate the initial product range. This focus group has this real homely vibe and just being apart of that experience was so warming to the heart. Throughout that session we got people to try a variety or scrubs,balms and creams and give constructive critism on how we could improving the range or product and what products people like. The event it self went really well, I feel as for our first event it went amazing. As a team we bounce off each other and supported each other and eneble the day to go well. Within sectors of the event we ask people to give their oppinions on some logos that zac our i.t guy drew up earlier on and why they thought that the logo they chose would be suitable to represent the company. Within this focus group people has a chance to try he products and visualise the overall branding  but also give their feedback because we feel that inorder to give our costumers the best products made for them it is crutial that we know what they want.

Everyday working on sydneys naturals is a blessing and the valentine focus group was one of many and definitely a strong starting point in making sure we keep the community fully aware of what we do, why we do it and how it can be useful for then.

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