Sydney’s Naturals at International Women’s Day

Last Saturday, Sydney’s Naturals made their product debut at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for their International Women’s Day 2015 event Make It Happen.

For any Agency project, the first event where the public can see the fruits of your labour branded and in front of them is a slightly terrifying moment, but Sydney, Stevanie and Zach stepped right up to the mark and #madeithappen. Flora and I were just along for the ride.

2015-03-07 12_Fotor
Potential future customers get their first experience
2015-03-07 12_Fotorkyu
Not just for women
2015-03-07 12_Fotorhc
Flora eavesdrops and records the feedback

Unveiling three versions each of a scrub, body lotion and lip balm, Sydney had been working ’til 1am the night before in her kitchen to make sure everything met her high standards. When your product is all about fresh ingredients, and homemade goodness for your skin, then it’s all absolutely worth it.

IMAG0683_FotorThe vast majority of off-the-shelf cosmetics need to include ingredients that prolong their life, thin or thicken the mix, add colour or scent, and although some of those can be natural, for the most part those additives will be creations of the chemical industry.

Sydney aims to bring her customers not only completely natural products, but also to be able to tailor the scent to an individual’s preference using chemical-free ingredients, and offer help and advice to everyone, given that skin types vary so widely that there just isn’t a one-fits-all option.

2015-03-07 12_FotorsthIf you’re interested in Sydney’s Naturals, you can come along to the Hourglass Festival at Battersea Arts Centre from 24th to 29th March where she will have a stall, or follow @sydneysnaturals on Twitter or Sydney’s Naturals on Facebook.

2015-03-07 11_Fotorsth
Body & Hand Cream – Coconut, Sweet Orange, and Lavender, Body Scrub – Peppermint, Lemon, and Coconut, Lip Balm – Chocolate, Coconut, and Sweet Orange

And trust me, the Chocolate Lip Balm smells incredible!

Sydney’s Naturals is supported by The Agency at Battersea Arts Centre. Read more about this project and others at the link above, or on this blog.

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