One-on-One Performance Goes Digital

Where unspoken things are heard


A new digital artwork by Rhiannon Armstrong, produced by Battersea Arts Centre & co-commissioned by The Space.

Originally created as a one-on-one performance, The International Archive Of Things Left Unsaid is an online collection of intimate human confessions – stories of regret, hope, love and displeasure donated anonymously by members of the public.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid was selected in November 2014 ahead of twelve other proposals to be commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Space. Since then Rhiannon has collaborated with computer programmers through Scratch – an iterative creative process that invites artists to test ideas  – to transform the archive into a digital artwork.

All you need for this experience is a pair of headphones, a computer or smartphone and five undisturbed minutes.

Visit the Archive 

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