The Agency: Avatars

2015-11-07 Sat Caius House (Tref Davies) (90)

What do Madonna, Dermot O’Leary, David Walliams, Rihanna, President Obama & Nick Clegg paper masks have in common? They can all be used as Halloween masks, true. But also they all have different character aspects, assets even, that are important to recognise, that we might want to tap into and we may lack or have in different amounts.

The Agents formed lists of words around the Madonna and Rihanna masks – controversial, bold, strong work-ethic, risk-takers, performers, people with vision.

Obama got a hard time, The Agents were unimpressed with his impact on America, on police brutality, on gun crime, even while they did admire him for some things. Debates kicked off.

Dermot got a lotta love for his hosting ability, his familiarity, ‘his nice arms’ and charm.

David Walliams people knew for his role in Little Britain and his charitable activities.

Ron Weasley and Kelly Rowland: wing(wo)men.

Nick Clegg, well…people mainly knew him for not standing up for what he was supposed to have believed in and generally propping up the conservative government.

The avatars these masks represented were:

Trailblazer – Madonna & Rihanna

The Questionner – Dermot

The Optimist – David Walliams

The Pragmatist – President Obama

Neutral – Nick Clegg.

With these avatars discussed and explored we ‘threw a party’. All the Agents had to pick an avatar and come in that role. Teasha was a clear Trailblazer, leading the dancefloor, showing off moves, Skylar was giving out pizza. Other people were clearly asking a lot of questions, trying to make friends/chat people up. Kibz then had the task of identifying which roles people played which he did with surprising accuracy.

All the time, controlling the dynamic, Deanna was taking things from the world of avatars and role play to reflecting on the methodology and their individual projects, asking them provocative questions:

-Who did they need in their team?

-What different roles did their idea require to be actualised?

-What people from their networks could they ask to play these roles?

The effect was incredible, as people moved from self-reflection and assessment to a birds-eye view of their project and how it might need certain character traits and types to give it wings.

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