The Agency: The Power of Art

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What a wednesday! Last week each Agent was given an individual study task unique to them and their project. They had to go off and research social enterprises and existing ideas, platforms and artists that were acting on ideals and desires similar to their own. This week they were presenting.

Skylar, sepeaking with his natural finesse (he earlier described himself as ‘sexy’ when asked to sum up how he was feeling in a word) explained what he had found out about Red Bull Music Academy, it’s different residential courses in global cities, it’s series of lectures and vitally how it was funded.
Marsh came up, she’d missed a sesh so had been doing some speedy research on the Caius Galaxy and talked about Just Seeds cooperative, a collective of artists in San Fran, Portland, etc, who pool resources, workshops and a digital marketplace to sustain a community of independent artists.
Badr and the ghost of David came and spoke about a series of videos relating to key hip hop artists, pedagogues and trailblazers such as krs one and Afrika Bambaata, the latter transforming the Bronx gang the Black Spades into a hip hop crew, and creating parties that were safe spaces and gangs couldn’t here their colours. He also talked about the project UK hip hop artist Chester P had started selling a music compilation of different hip hop artists to raise money for homeless people. Badr has an incredibly impassioned way of talking that can help but get you inspired.
Keron is reading Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. He wants to create a gaming hub. He have an amazing summary of the first two chapters and the trailer park stacks, high rises of the dystopian resource depleted future.
Mohammed, our education visionary, was introduced to Ken Robinson – changing education paradigms for the first time and was drawing on it’s multiple interrogations of enlightenment educational values in his presentation.
Zennae Kay was looking into Msunderstood and marigold had started eagerly researching Cardboard Citizens to learn about their work using drama to improve the lives of homeless people.
All incredible stuff. Such fun to connect to these expanding synapses.

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