The Agency: Southbank Trip

photoAs part of our ‘Intensity & Precision’ weeks we went and conducted some research amidst the hustle and bustle of the pre­christmas exhibitions and happenings in London. Having met up at Providence in the morning we travelled together to the Zabludowicz collection to see the Jon Rafman exhibition.

What led to this trip, and this destination in particular, was the desire to see how different artists and producers used form to challenge us and the ways in which we perceive or experience things. There was a viewing gallery in a ball­pit, a cinema in a room made out like a bedroom with toys on the bed, and most amazingly of all a maze through faceless sculptures that led to an Oculus rift, which some lucky people, Keron included, got to put on and step into a virtual world.

All of the exhibits were designed to comment in some way on the relationship between technology and consciousness. After we had been there for just over an hour we b­-lined to the Southbank Centre to check out the cat walk there.

All around the Clore ballroom were charity pop­ups selling second hand clothes and encouraging people to ‘up cycle’; source cheap, recycled materials and make them into something better. In the spirit of this there were various workshops happening and space to cut and shape materials, but the highlight was the catwalk through the Clore at 3 o clock that saw a range of people walking through in space­suits made from cutlery and toast racks, as well as much more conventionally glamorous dresses.

This was particularly interesting for Daisy and Marcella to see, getting a look at the way it was run, a way to use surplus materials and how the whole show was compered.

Just as we were gathering momentum to head back to Battersea the whole space changed. Decks were brought out and Charity Shop DJ took over the Royal Festival Hall. Before two tunes were selected David and Badr were up on the stage, befriending the hosts and MCing to the people gathered. It was incredible. A great chance for them to share their talent and see a model for a night that used music to create dialogue, creative exchange and encourage participation.

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