The Agency: Elevating Pitches

2015-11-07 Sat Caius House (Tref Davies) (42)

Roisin arrived with jumpers and hoodies in a laundry bag, the black and grey agency sweaters ready be harnessed as the agents went out to begin the process of gathering 50 signatures to support their idea. (A process that will continue this week as the ideas cafe takes place).

We used the morning to prep ourselves for dealing with cold shoulders and busy passers by, refining the elevator pitches as 1 by 1 the agents went for feedback sessions based on their ideas so far and the type of things the panel will be looking for on the 30th. The clock is ticking and now is the time to both sure things up but also return to the compass, desire, territory and make sure the ideas reflect these points, connect to the deep personal desire for change as well as the the people and within the territory.
Mohamed’s idea has been coming along in leaps and bounds. His expert meetings with Julia from Excite-ed and Miranda marchese (all round technological-creative consultant who knows the agency intimately from her work on it in the first year), have helped him refine his idea. Taking that forward he has done incredible market research in a selection of primary schools in battersea and had used these to create an innovative and frankly inspiring presentation to communicate SmartZone his game-based education website.
He like the rest of them went out to get signatures from the community and when they were all back we started talking about and making inventories for next week. The ideas cafe when all the agents will have a space to scratch and aspect of their ideas and get invaluable feedback from the community as well as working on the communication and pitching of their idea to others.

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