The Agency: Who Runs The World?

After a quick dash to M&S for some well needed foodies to sustain us through the day, Tea and I met Amaya and Daisy for an epic day at the WOW FESTIVAL (Women of the World) on Saturday 12th March!! (Sorry guys that were left at Providence…lol not)

Anyway back to the day. We started off straight in at the deep end with a talk about sexual violence led by Jude Kelly,  with interviews with women about their experiences of rape and sexual assault.  Very insightful and quite transparent and raw, the session wasn’t a place to feel sorry for oneself or even remain a victim; these women were strong and many had used the negatives and turned them into positives, breaking boundaries and changing their communities.

Following the talk we went to take part in the BRUTALLY HONEST campaign, wonderfully suggested by Amaya.  We took part in a sort of flash mob/social expressive experiment where we all basically put on the man size cardboard paper sheets over our shoulders having typed up a message of truth for us: Daisy shared with on lookers her desire to put on weight, whilst Tea expressed her pending decisions on her truth and I, well I went on about the dreams of acting in a role that wasn’t angry, a slave or one of those other stereotypes.  It was truly amazing – people turning heads….obviously, I loved the attention…was hoping for a romantic scene when a casting director comes out of the ashes and instantly selects me as the lead of HBO’S next Sci –fi drama with a gorgeous love interest of my choice…. (Okay too much info).

But anwhooo check out the pics below….

The rest of the day became a bit more individual.  Daisy and Amaya went to talks about modern day mums and career mothers, whilst Tea and I ventured to talks and activity about different topics – on Femalehood, sex, culture, race and music.  Very powerful, very funny and entertaining.

After stopping for a cheeky Nandos with Tea, we all rounded up the day at the Radio One stage where we were entertained by various artists (can’t remember anyone’s name) and live music!!

The day went into night quite seamlessly as we were all having so much fun and so the moral of the story was that women are truly amazing and if we stick it out we can make stuff happen.

I’m confident I’ll see Tea and Daisy being a part of a future Women Of the World representing Baby Reign and #WhatWeWant in the near future.

Toyin Alase


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