The Agency: Daisy Updates


I am 19 years old, a young mother of one, raising a one year old boy. I am a creative director for a campaign called Baby Reign.

I have been working on the project since October 2015  – it is platformed by The Agency, who are based at Battersea Arts Centre.
A bit of info about the last week on the project –
Saturday 20th was a very helpful session. Saturday at Providence a man called Karl from It’s Nice That came and talked to the agents about branding. I got to learn more about existing logos and the meanings behind them. It was a useful session because it helped me think in a more detailed way about my brand, its aesthetic and what I want the logo to look like. I got to create a mood board which linked to my idea.
Battersea Arts Centre have funded me to build my project and go further with it. The past couple of weeks in The Agency have been really useful and I have taken some useful advice from people that may help me along this journey; last week on Wednesday 23rd February I went with my facilitator Amaya to Vivienne Westwood’s studios to meet up with Ben Westwood to get some advice and inspiration. The meeting with Ben went well and I also got some very useful advice and learned more about the fashion as well as the making of clothing. I had a tour around the studio and got to see what the designers get up to behind the scenes.

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