Stories for Advocacy: A Video Diary

Writer and performer Byron Vincent tells us about what he’s been getting up to during his residency here at Battersea Arts Centre as he prepares Scratch performance Stories for Advocacy

Soooo, on Friday 22nd me (Byron Vincent) and Kerry Littleford will be presenting some true stories from own lived experience which broach issues from child protection, to policing, poverty drugs and mental health. Our aim is to show the power that this type of storytelling has in advocating for issues that can be difficult to navigate politically.

We are interested in using the mechanics of powerful storytelling to advocate for positive social change. We believe that although you can’t force someone to care or understand; it’s possible to engender care and understanding by communicating an affecting narrative. We also feel that art, oratory, broadcasting and performance can be at their most influential when they convey truth in an authentic voice. This is why we’re specifically interested in using the stories of people with lived experience in a potent and affecting way, empowering people to advocate for themselves and those who share their experience. We want to tell true stories that have been historically difficult for people to hear in a way that compels people to respond more empathetically to issues that are emotionally and politically complex.

Our hope is to create work that reframes the narratives of unfairly marginalized people. The project is very much at the embryonic stage so if you fancy popping along to Battersea Arts Centre, your opinions would be welcome and valued. Contact the email at the end of the vid if you’re interested.

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