#FringeFirsts: Audain’s Story

In August 2016 we offered two young people who had never experienced the Edinburgh Fringe a paid opportunity to join our producing team at the festival as part of our new Fringe Firsts scheme.

We speak to Audain about his highlights on the trip and what he learnt as part of the experience.


How did you prepare for your trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

I received an email with the subject ‘Mum’s Tips from Bethany’. It was very detailed and explained the things we needed to bring in order to be comfortable and well equipped for the weather. One of the many pieces of advice I received from the producing team was to download the Fringe App. This app is a lifesaver, if you log onto the app and click “Now” it gives you shows that will start either in 30 mins to an hours’ time.

How would you describe the Fringe to someone who has never been?

The Fringe is a place for artists to showcase bold and innovative work. Experimental, punchy, anything you want in performing arts, you name it and it’ll be there. The city doesn’t sleep; you can see shows as late as 1am in the morning. Crazy I know! This is the beauty of the Fringe Festival.

What surprised you about your visit?

The vast diversity of content was just astonishing.

What were your highlights from your time at the Fringe?

Growth, by Luke Norris was the best show for me. I even bought a copy of the play. From the start to the very end of the show you are filled with laughter, everyone is aware of the subject theme about testicular cancer, but it wasn’t lecturing us or forcing anything on us, it was just subtle. With witty dialogue and amazing punch lines Growth has won me over.


What do you think you have learned from your experience?

I had a fantastic time with a bunch of amazing people who I could share ideas and thoughts on shows that we find interesting and, of course, the ones we didn’t. The Battersea Arts Centre producing team are not only knowledgeable but create an environment for artists and employees to be comfortable and to work side by side as equals.

Final thoughts?

I would like to attend the festival again but stay a bit longer. I was inspired by a lot of the work I saw which has lead me to start building a show of my own to take to the Fringe. Now I have begun a new journey to push myself as an artist and to see whether I can make it in that world.

> To find out more information about how you can take part in the scheme, or to register your interest in supporting a young person to attend Edinburgh 2017 email bethanyh@bac.org.uk

> You can read more about why we initiated the Fringe Firsts scheme from David Jubb’s blog ‘Opening Up the Edinburgh Fringe Experience for Everyone’.

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