The Agency: Africa updates

With not long left until the Agents pitch their ideas for £2000 worth of funding, Assistant Facilitator Africa fills us in on how they’ve been preparing for the big day. 


We kicked off the session with a pop quiz based on popular slogans. Split into 3 groups, the competition levels were high. Each group whispered answers with the upmost secrecy and Agent Emmanuel even tried to trick the opposing group by shouting out the incorrect answer.

The tutor, Bobbi, would read out a slogan and we had to guess which company it belonged to. Some slogans even came in German as the clues got harder and harder. After tallying up scores and learning that my team unfortunately didn’t win, we went into a brief discussion about slogans and their importance in branding.

This conversation led to the next task; Agents had to imagine their project in 10 years time and write down how they envisaged what a typical day would look like. By looking ahead the group had to think strategically about what it would take to deliver their project on a large scale.

Now the Agents had to present their vision to the rest the of the group, back up music and all. The standard of performance was amazing as each Agent gave a detailed and thought-out description of their day. Stephanie’s was absolutely hilarious as she delivered a perfectly timed presentation on her day in an entertaining and charismatic way. On a side note, it soon occurred to me that almost everyone begun their day with a coffee trip… After everyone’s sharing we broke off into lunch.

When we returned, Bobbi introduced the ‘P.I.D’ sheet to the group, which is meant to help the Agents think of all the aspects of their project in preparation for presenting this information to the panel. Agents were assigned a few hours to think of a name, a mission statement, their vision and a short description of their project.

Over those few hours everyone got creative, thinking deeply about the meaning of their project and how a slogan would embody it, using that momentum to trigger their vision of how it would affect their territory (community). As the end of the session arrived, it seemed this task left everyone in a good place with their ideas, ready for the next stage of the programme.

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