Q & A with Key Change cast


As Key Change approaches its final week, we chat to Cheryl and Christina of Open Clasp Theatre who tell us more about their creative process and how they prepare to play their characters.

Which character do you play in Key Change?

I play Lucy.

Christina: I play multiple characters but mainly Kelly.

Have you met a character similar to yours in real life?

Yes, particularly during the work and the shows we have done in the prisons. Quite often you meet different women with very similar stories.

Christina: Yes I met the women at Low Newton prison who helped create the play.

How do you prepare to play your character(s), what’s your creative process?

I think of all the women we worked with and all the women we have met along the way and I try my best to channel their voices and tell their stories. Shoes are important to me too….putting on and walking in Lucy’s shoes.

Christina: Meeting the two women whose experiences fed into Kelly’s character was useful. Not that I mimic them in any way but I find it useful to take an essence of them. It takes an incredible focus to jump in and out of character so quickly.

Are there any scenes/parts in the play that you find challenging?

Cheryl: The domestic violence scene can be challenging but it is vital to the piece and has to be shown. This is day to day reality for some women. Lucy is also able to exit the scene with strength and dignity.

What do you hope audiences will gain from watching Key Change?

Cheryl: The very thing the women wanted originally….for the audience to feel, to understand and to laugh.

Christina: When they leave I hope when they think of prison, they think of people not prisoners!

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