5 reasons why you should try co-working

It’s time to connect with other like-minded workers, create new opportunities for collaboration and innovation- in other words, it’s time to try co-working.

January is the perfect time of year to try something new. Want to reinvigorate your work, meet new people, work in an inspiring environment, and kick-start that great idea or develop your business? Give co-working a go!

Co-working spaces are designed for a modern and flexible working world. Providing not just a workspace but opportunities for networking, collaborating or just having a friendly chat over a strong coffee.

Battersea Arts Centre’s new co-working space the Scratch Hub, within an iconic building known for innovation and creativity, provides all this and more.

1.Make your business idea a reality

A co-working space offers a professional environment and dedicated office space while you launch or develop your company or idea. Having a beautiful space to meet clients, work with colleagues staff and use office facilities can be the push your business needs to get off the ground or to grow.

The Scratch Hub offers a range of spaces for working…

  • The Garden Room: a main communal hotdesking area, 
  • The Study: a quieter space
  • The Orangery: a  further space with Anchor desks.

On top of this, members make free use of The Hive, our bookable meeting space, Elm House our dedicated function room, and an area for socialising with kitchen facilities. The Scratch Hub also benefits from super fast Wi-Fi so you won’t be struggling with your IT.

Scratch Hub, the Apartment MVON8520_photocredit Morley von Sternberg


2.Freedom for freelancers

Working alongside others is stimulating and can make you more productive. Co-working is a great way to get away from the distractions of home, create a separation between your work space and your living space, improve your productivity and meet like-minded people too.

Scratch Hub is designed to make you feel at home, with all the benefits of a friendly community and business environment. Not only can buckle down and get on with your work, with a range of free weekly events on offer such as Monday Mingle, coffee tastings and workshops there’s plenty on for you to take a well earned break from your desk with others.

3.Collaborate (& have fun)

You’ll be sharing an office with a mixture of small businesses, individuals working on projects, freelancers, start-ups, creative teams and more. Co-working gives you the chance to meet people you might not otherwise cross paths with, and to create partnerships. Whether it’s sparking new ideas, potential collaborations or just having a nice chat.

Coming into the Scratch Hub is “more than just coming into work” – there’s a strong sense of community and a diversity of backgrounds. There’s also a time-banking scheme so you can learn and share skills with other members such as fundraising, social media, film production and much more. With a varied events programme and focus on socialising with other members, you’re bound to make connections.

4.Boost your productivity and creativity

A change in your environment, can also change your mindset. Put an end to the distraction of working from home, a noisy coffee shop or regular office space. Paying for a dedicated work space can be all the incentive you need to adopt a more professional, focused approach to your work. Co-working is shown to increase creativity, improve standards and concentration.

Scratch Hub’s beautiful setting in the iconic building merges Victorian architecture with contemporary design by Jeannine Inglis Hall and Gary Campbell. With so many plants, it makes this the perfect environment to tap into your creativity and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Photo 7 - photo credit Morley von Sternberg

5.Save money

Co-working means you’re all sharing the cost, so you can benefit from economies of scale. Shared workspace is far cheaper than renting a traditional office, and offers flexibility with our monthly rolling memberships. Wi-Fi, heating, kitchen facilities and free tea and coffee, cleaning, insurance – it’s all included in your rent, which makes it easy to budget for your business too.

Joining the Scratch Hub offers not only the physical workspace and technical facilities, but provides a stimulating environment to generate ideas and make new connections Members also get discounts to Battersea Arts Centre shows and on food and drink in the bar.

Hotdesking at Scratch Hub starts from £125 per month.

Take that first step in 2019 and join our growing community.

New member special offer: join now and get January free.

Get in touch and book a tour scratchhub@bac.org.uk

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