Welcome to the future…

Meet Tilly. She is 14. Tilly has been part of Sounds Like Chaos for two years. and plays the clergy in the church of the future in WOW EVERYTHING IS AMAZING.

WOW EVERYTHING IS AMAZING is a brilliant title. What is the show about?

It gives the audience an insight into technology’s future, the show appeals to all audiences and incorporates aspects of comedy, surrealism, and much more. It’s set in a church of technology, and through the use of music and dance the cast portrays a story of the history and evolution of the internet. Multiple musical numbers are performed with mind-blowing visuals and chilling vocals.

What do you think is the most exciting part of the show?

In my opinion the most exciting thing about the show is the suspense built and the insight into character development. The show uses music to create an intense atmosphere and keep the audience on the edge of their seats as well as keeping them involved in the show.

What’s been the best bit about creating the show?

My highlight of the process was being able to work alongside talented individuals to watch the show evolve from its early stages. Being involved in the production has been an incredible experience as it gives young people a chance to see what the industry is like as well as being able to form bonds between each other that grow into friendships.

What do you think audiences will enjoy about the show?

I think it’s important for the show to be seen as it gives a view on society’s development as well as how we grow around the internet and embrace it like it’s another human. I want the audience to take away a new feeling of awareness and to walk out feeling cautious of their every move.

WOW EVERYTHING IS AMAZING is at Battersea Arts Centre from 4 – 12 April, as part of the Homegrown: Occupy Festival. #OccupyBAC

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