Welcoming home the Hope Jones organ

Our organ is finally coming back home to the Grand Hall! After 4 years, the original Hope-Jones pipe organ which was installed in 1901, has been renovated and is being re-installed right now!

After the fire in 2015 which destroying the organ case, bellows and console, the beautifully constructed pipes are now ready to chime and are being laid out back in its rightful space.

The organ has been a focal point of the Grand Hall throughout the history of our old town hall building. Here it is making a guest appearance a railway unions meeting with a speech by Richard Bell who was an MP and leader of the TUC.

In ­­2013, the organ also played a great role as part of Little Bulb’s production of Orpheus.

After several years away it’s finally back, with the old pipes in the new Grand Hall, looking spectacular on the balcony. This week six people have spent three days installing it!

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