5 ways AI is changing our lives


  1. Driverless cars

Already on the roads in some states of America, AI is making driverless cars a reality and experts believe we will soon see them on London streets within a decade.


  1. Jobs

Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the job market.  There are already a number of jobs AI robots have taken over but there is a fear as the intelligence develops the job market will take a hit and opportunities will dry up. 


  1. Virtual Personal Assistants

‘Hey Siri…Good morning Alexa’. Virtual Personal Assistants are becoming a part of our everyday lives as they recognize human voices to assist use in finding any information and running our homes. These assistants are also programmed to recognize behavioural patterns to tailor to our preferences.


  1. Medical Science

Scientists are utilising AI to help make better health-care decisions. Doctors have revealed AI may be used to find better treatment options and find the right treatment at the right time for some patients. Will robots soon have the ability to work out if you are unwell or to diagnose you?


  1. Gaming

The role of AI in video gaming has expanded greatly – it already defines the way a computer opponent behaves. With AI capabilities transferring how we interact, they have the power to mimic a player and recognize key gaming strategies. Google’s AI became the world’s best chess player in just four hours!


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