Why Do We Call Battersea Arts Centre A Theatre?

A blog post from David Jubb, Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre.

Battersea Arts Centre is passionate about people and their creative potential. It is a home for developing talent of all ages. We want all our work to be playful and provocative and to celebrate how we are better together. We also want the best of our work to be life changing.

The organisation’s mission is to invent the future of theatre. This is because we think theatre has the potential to transform lives and communities. Theatre can contain every kind of art form: performance art, visual art, literary art, digital art, participatory art. It can embrace all cultures, ideas and experiences. It is profoundly social. And it can explore the past and the future in the present.

As such, theatre is a great tool with which we can explore ideas of community, politics, justice, economics and education. And we can do this whilst enjoying each other’s company. We think theatre, theatre artists and theatre buildings can play a defining role in the 21st century to help us all imagine a better future. So we have developed a clear methodology to help us think about what theatre can achieve. You can read more about this methodology by clicking here.

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    Battersea Arts Centre is having a makeover. Building work is enhancing what is already a magical theatre space. This is a post from last summer by Artistic Director David Jubb about the importance of theatre in our lives. How right he is when he says that theatre ‘is a great tool with which we can explore ideas of community, politics, justice, economics and education.’ If only those in positions of power realised just how important it is in helping us to live in a healthy, happy society.

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