Pack up your desks!

Finally the time has come for some of our office staff to move location, ahead of building works starting again!

Today saw the delivery of large quantities of crates, ready for our Kitchen Office staff to pack their belongings, files and computers away into. Over the next two weeks, we’re moving into temporary office locations at the front of the building whilst the Lower Hall, offices, foyer, toilets and all ancillary areas are beautifully remodelled as part of our ongoing Capital Project.


It’s nearly 18 months since the last phase of major building works on site, and after intense planning and hard work from staff across the organisation and the Project Design Team, September 29th sees the start of the next phase.

For that to happen, there’s a bit of pain and disruption whilst our Marketing, Communications, Producing, Homegrown and Agency teams up sticks from their home at the rear of the building and move into rooms we normally use for smaller performances. Not that this takes any little amount of effort – but thanks to the wonders of modern software, we’ve been able to model the new offices in 3D, to get an idea of how much space we’ll really have.

Screen_Shot_2014-08-28_at_14.43.19  Screen_Shot_2014-08-28_at_14.45.16

Of course, given our commitment to sustainability and avoidance of waste, for the moment we’re re-using all our existing office furniture. With desks of varying shapes and sizes, being able to plan the rooms out in a virtual environment means we can take advantage of every spare centimetre, and be sure that, before we move a chair, everything will fit in its new home.

With some weekend and evening relocation work from our amazing support staff, the areas affected should suffer little or disruption, so we hope you will notice no dip in service from Battersea Arts Centre.

And yes, the crates we hired are made from recycled plastics, and with all our staff in one end of the building, our carbon footprint for heating for this winter should be lower too.

You can read more about the plans for the building works on our Playground Projects website, and we’ll be posting more blogs over the months to come, keeping you informed on what’s happening. But with a packed and exciting season of theatre starting this week, there’s no time to rest!

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