Building Works: Sustainability Cubed

Our Cubesensors have arrived, and we’re enjoying playing with our new gadgets!

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may remember one from last May when I talked about the fantastic little device called the Cubesensor. They arrived on my desk last Friday and I’ve had a chance to try them out.

2014-09-01_16_Fotor_viewAlongside the 6 cubesensors and wireless base station, I must thank Alés and the team for the gift of Soline fleur de sel from close to their home in Slovenia.

This small system is a scratch for our desired Building Forecast Tool, the idea of which is to provide live information to building staff and users as to the likely temperature and comfort level of our spaces during their visit. We don’t believe that energy should be pumped into a space to heat or cool it to a precise level, and are keen to avoid large operating systems that may detract from the beauty of this 19th century building. We prefer, where possible, to use natural systems of ventilation and sensible, targeted heating, to create a home, and keep wasted energy to a minimum – and that means we may suggest audiences dress warmer in the winter months.

The Cubesensors connect wirelessly to their basestation, and provide live information on the space:

Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_17.57.21_view Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_17.56.12_view Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_17.56.28_view Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_17.56.52_view Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_17.57.16_view

I love that it’s dark enough for a doze here in our office…

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