Putting the FUN in Fundraising

One of the key necessities in making a £13.3 million building project a success is the fundraising.

As a charitable organisation, we raise 70% of our income from non-statutory sources: across our Box Office, commercial trading activities such as the Scratch Bar, and trusts, foundations and individuals. On our website, you can see information on the various ways in which generous individuals and organisations support us.

Over the last ten years, with the ramping up of activity on our Building Project, we are investing an increase of over 700% more into this beautiful building, with each phase dedicated to enabling particular improvements in our infrastructure, activities and the Town Hall itself.

The major works we are engaged in right now until early 2016 are funded through large grants from both Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, but to access the money we have to raise our own contribution – “match funding” as it’s called.

This is important in showing our dedication and commitment to the planned work, as well as our financial stability to see it through to completion. As a team, it is vital to us to link the stages of fundraising to the phases of work, and ensure everything is on a firm foundation.

Although we have a dedicated Development Project who focus on this task, the last few months have seen more involvement across the whole staff team. If you’ve been to a performance here recently, you may have met one of our staff at the end of the show, explaining who they are and why Battersea Arts Centre is important to them. They’ve also been holding a bucket into which many, many visitors have put anything from small change to large contributions, and every single penny has been extremely gratefully received.

We have a target to reach match funding of £200,000 by Christmas, and to celebrate this we’ve created the Bee Generous campaign, running alongside higher level giving campaigns such as The Great Hundred Club.

And you have been very supportive, raising £12,673 in this season of performances alone.

Thank you!

If you’d like to know more about membership or donation towards our work, please use the links above.

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