The Agency: Precision & Mr Providence


After last week’s expedition to the Southbank this week was all about sharpening ideas, really honing in on what need we were trying to fill in the territory.

We did this first by really zooming in on the 5 cards (Networks, Ideas, Skills, Knowledge & Research), with each of the Agents, either independently or in their groups, working hard to chisel out their form, and ascertain more clearly why they were doing what they were doing and help them communicate that.

Under Research

  • What is the need for your project?
  • How can you show this?
  • What evidence do you have?


  • What skills does your idea need?
  • Do you have them? –> If no start networking!


  • What is the name of your idea?
  • Explain it in a sentence.
  • What are the key themes?


  • Who have you met?
  • Who do you need to meet?
  • Who is aware of your idea?
  • Who do you want to partner with?
  • Have you had any mentoring?
  • Where in your territory could it take place?


  • Who else in the territory has a similar idea?
  • What other projects are there taking place that have a similar desire/aim?
  • Give 5 forms your idea could take?

The process was incredible for sharpening the ideas and actually once answered they became also bullet point presentations for the Agents to use and ultimately develop for their pitch to the panel. All excellent preparation for next week where the Agents will be out gathering data from members of the community, getting signatures to support their work and building networks with institutions and locations around Battersea where they might be able to host events, run workshops or whose facilities they might use.

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After lunch we played This is Your Life Your Journey with your host Mr Providence Providence, who looked a bit like me, but wasn’t. It was really great! Stevanie performed a soul-stirring piece she’d written for Steven Lawrence when she was 8, and Teddy, CEO of Tiesel Vision Empire spat some bars that had the audience jumping out their seats. We also learnt a lot about what was motivating the Agents and, in the simulated future of 2025, learnt just how important the Agency had been in launching them on their journey to becoming pillars of the community with a history of groundbreaking social engagement projects.

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