You put one wall in, you take another wall out…

There are exciting developments in the Building Project as everything continues at a cracking pace.

Despite a few surprises, such as finding an unexpected gas pipe, a number of discoveries have been very welcome. Original vitreous glass mosaic has been uncovered and cleaned up in the spaces where the new toilets will be, as well as entire walls of Victorian brown glazed tiling. New spaces will therefore sit alongside original features in a fantastically complementary way.


Our old office at the rear of the building has been opened up and extended into an unused kitchen, making a much larger space which we plan to use for creative learning.

Jpeg JpegA corridor which for a number of years has been sealed off to provide storage space now joins an original Theatre Street entrance to the Lower Hall. Just off it, a new doorway will allow users of both the offices and Lower Hall to share a small but welcome kitchen and tea point.

Jpeg JpegProbably most excitingly, the space for a new lift is starting to become more obvious as the pit and shaft start to be formed. This will allow greater accessibility between the Lower and Grand Halls for wheelchair users and those who find stairs less forgiving, as well as for moving unwieldy items.

Jpeg JpegAnd just for fun – what do you think this is? Answers in the comments below…


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