It’s not all about our building contractors, you know!

As important as the building works are that are being carried out by Gilbert Ash and the whole building contractor team, sometimes it’s great to recognise the work done by our rather fantastic Battersea Arts Centre Facilities and Maintenance Team.

2015 will see restoration and repair to the roof across the building, but we’ve had a few leaks appear over the last few years during heavy rainfall. It’s to be expected when your building is over 120 years old, and it’s of huge credit to the Victorian builders that the majority of the fabric is original and still holding up.

In fact, in opening up the west attics during 2015 to create a new large office space, we’re pleased that the original beams will stay in place and be visible for decades to come.

Our Maintenance Team deal with a lot, from rambunctious plumbing to non-compliant door locks, and most of it isn’t particularly glamourous, but sometimes they really go above and beyond. In this case, quite literally.

With all the relevant training firmly under their safety belts, this week has seen excellent work as Tim, Jamie, Andy and Nick have repaired some of the roofs at second floor level. They’ve been up on the cherry-picker all day long working hard to make a difference to some of the rooms which have suffered over the last year, and now that those walls will finally be able to dry out fully, we’ll be able to re-plaster and decorate in 2015.

Thanks massively!

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