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Deanna was back and the Agents were back out in the world again gathering research.  Armed with sharp wits, clip-boards, and sign-sheets it wasn’t long after arrival at Providence that the team were dispersed around the territory collecting signatures and garnering support for their ideas.

After the questionnaires had been tweaked and sent up to BAC HQ to get printed out by Roisin the Agents were out and about in force. This week I joined Sydney briefly to head into Wholefoods. Our original task was to see whether they’d be interested in helping us source bulk raw materials (for mixing creams and products that we knew they stocked) at cost price but as we approached we noticed they had a whole ‘Natural Remedies’ wing that we gravitated towards instantly. Once inside we were surrounded by the type of products Sydney would be competing with from around the globe, products she liked and used. She got involved straight away asking them questions and through the process found out the details of a mixing lab in Battersea that we might be able to contact.

2014-11-22 12.16.36Sydney asking questions in the Natural Remedies store.

Then we had some fun testing out some products and rehydrating our skin.

2014-11-22 12.20.32 2014-11-22 12.21.01

We then went back into the whole foods part of the store and after tracking down the right person were informed of two useful internet outlets for the wholesale supply of ingredients and products. Win!

After that Sydney went off to get more signatures and I went off to join Deanna back at Providence House to prepare lunch and prep the space for the afternoon. Lunch was a pretty raucous affair with a lyric contest involving the recollection of some TLC, Lauryn Hill and Destiny’s Child bangers. After that we had 2 hours for a pretty epic combination of tasks: 1. Start filling out the Panel Forms! 2. Prepare for the community event next week where – in the spirit of BAC – everyone is going to scratch an element of their idea be it workshops, recording booths, app-demonstration, debate or product mixing-station. More on both these coming up. For now suffice to say our guide was inspiring everyone and cutting through the chaff to the heart of everyone’s ideas, making sure they really learnt what they needed to from the research questionnaires…and all the while looking like a don.

2014-11-22 16.44.30

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