Create Course – Session 2

Create Course – Session 2

By Naomi Alexander

Create Course Session 2 Blog

People arrived with big smiles on their faces and with one or two friends in tow for the second session of the Create Course on Thursday 11th June 2015. We had music playing and the room was set up for our first proper session where they could get hands on and start exploring their creativity.

We started off playing games to get people warmed up and working together. They were exceptionally fast at picking up a clapping game where people pass a handclap around and across the circle, which had everyone laughing.

Once everyone was warmed up and flowing creatively, we watched a talk on the neuroscience of creativity. This talk offered some key insights into the way in which the state of our brain before we are creative has an impact on our ability to be creative.

Finally we spent time working on personal manifestos for our creativity. The room was full of packs of felt-tip pens, crayons, images, old magazines, words expressing different values, scissors and glue. Everyone was given just under an hour to create their own personal manifesto while we listened to the 2011 World Music Award winning album Ali and Toumani. It was a magical hour.

Here are some of our creations:

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