Create Course – Session 3

Create Course Session 3 Blog

This week was all about the link between creativity and play. We did lots of both.

A personal favourite of mine was drawing a picture of your partner while NOT looking at the paper, in just 3 minutes. The results were surprisingly good!

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And we had a race to see which team could invent the best costume from tin foil.

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Today’s video was a TED talk about the importance of playing and playful environments in the creative process.

Afterwards we came up with this list of ‘rules’ for creativity:

  • Go for quantity of new ideas so you don’t edit yourself (grown ups have a tendency to self-edit new ideas so their creativity is limited)
  • Create a playful environment where people trust each other
  • Just do it – either role play the idea or try it out for real and see what you learn (this is what we’re doing with this pilot course on creativity)
  • Let go of other people’s perceptions
  • Create rules to make the play safe – having a smaller frame to play in is actually liberating creatively
  • Think with your hands and use materials that you have around you – make things, use pre-school craft materials if possible

And finally we started planning what creative projects we might want to develop through this course. More of that next week….

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