Create Course – Sessions 5 – 8

Create Course Comes to an End

By Naomi Alexander

The last few sessions of the Create Course saw participants working on their own and in small groups on their own creative projects.

The projects were as diverse as the participants themselves and ranged from making incredible creations from loom bands, to organizing a community picnic, to interviewing all the participants and gathering stories from their lives.

Over the last few sessions, the participants took the lead and the team supported them to develop their projects. For those that wanted to, there was the opportunity to showcase their work at Battersea Arts Centre at the end of the course.

We held a celebration for family and friends on Saturday 18th July at Battersea Arts Centre which was well attended and gave the participants an opportunity to showcase their work and the impact that taking part in the course had had on their lives.

To conclude we all ate a 4- tier Eid Celebration Cake! Made by Hanan


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