Create Course – Session 4

Create Course Session 4 Blog

by Naomi Alexander

Session 4 was all about inspiring people to come up with their own ideas for a creative project that they could develop for the rest of the course.

We spent the first part of the session exploring the difference between being creative alone and being creative with others.

After that we watched a number of inspiring short videos of creative projects from around the world that people have made happen with almost no resources. After watching each video we reflected on their own ideas through the questions listed underneath each video.

Landfill Harmonic:

What resources do you have around you that you could make creative work with?

Favela Painting: 

Do you have a creative idea for how to improve the world around you?

Young at Heart in Prison: 

What people do you know that might want to get involved in your project with you?

Who else might you reach out to?

I can’t breathe: 

Is there an injustice that makes you angry that you would like to make a creative response to?

Welcome Home: 

What opportunities are there in your life to create joy through a creative project?

Everyone was buzzing with ideas after these conversations and we broke into small groups to spend dedicated time with each individual helping them to shape their creative project. At the end of the session everyone committed to DOING one thing before next week’s session to make their idea happen.

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